Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EP 3 - First Eleven

Irreverent and reverent debate and discussion on the 11 most important issues in American soccer. This week: MLS, NASL, Asian WCQers, and more.


  1. Just discovered the AAS Podcast and I'm just loving the setup and flow of the show. It's refreshing listening to Simon Borg's antics on ExtraTime. This show I imagine with quickly become a favorite. I also downloaded your other shows you have available (Pickup Soccer, and the first Ryan Martin Show). Can't wait to listen. Side question, are either of the other podcasts available on Sticher. If not I'll gladly continue to download. Thanks for the free American Soccer Banter.

  2. All episodes are available to download on iTunes and via Stitcher under The All-American Soccer Podcast.