Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ep 17 - The All American Soccer Podcast

Hank and Abram taking a look at all American soccer: MLS, NASL, USL Pro, US Open Cup, and American players plying their craft overseas.  Let us know what you think! Send your feedback to @AAsoccerpod  #AASP or

THIS WEEK: Super Special Guest Star Phil Schoen of BEINSport talks USMNT, Juergen Klinsmann, What to expect in the Hex, Gold Cup, and next wave of american players.  He also sheds some insight into BEINSport and how they are looking to grow their brand and fill the void in sports broadcasting.  Hank and Abram wrap up the show talking about NASL Championships, MLS Playoffs, and USWNT.

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  1. In re your discussion, around the 30:00 mark of this podcast, of the red card to Pablo Campos in the Scorpions' home leg of the Minnesota semi-final: I actually AM a Scorpions fan, in San Antonio, and a member of two of its supporters groups. I was at the game that night and saw what happened.

    I don't know if I speak for all Scorps fans, but it's not Campos that I'm especially disappointed in; it's the referee, who was unable to discern the spectacular falsity of the Stars player's behavior after the supposed head butt. It was a dive, plain and simple, and the Stars player should have received a yellow card for the tackle on Campos, and a second one for the elaborate rolling around on the floor.